Album Review

Through a Glass Darkly -- Found Remains Compilation by Jacob Calland

I’m not usually a fan of compilations, I find they seem to lack a cohesive narrative, and only further act to destroy the dying art of the album. Some how Found Remains have managed to put something together that tells a story.

‘Through a Glass Darkly’ opens with purpose, a pummelling assault of FM’ed late 80’s style industrial courtesy of Sacramence, and continues in this vein with some truly brutal ‘above that horrible pub that you don’t go into, except for gigs’ noise, but it is after this initial barrage that this collection caught me. What follows are mostly quiet, subtle tracks that you drift in and out of in a dream state, occasionally being thrown back to the waking world with sharp interjections of finger on chalk board squeaks. The highlight for me is the closer from Victorine Meurent an ear splitting exercise in experimentalism that somehow manages to remain entirely restrained, very modest.

Found remains are a new discovery for me, but one I will be catching up on and keeping my ears open for.

Morton Feldman -- Two Pianos by Jacob Calland

Very little has yet to be said about Morton Feldman, so I will keep this brief, but such an influence has this man had on me that I would find it difficult not to encourage anyone and everyone that I can to dive into his work.

Two Pianos has been loving re-released by Another Timbre (if you have not heard of them, I urge you to listen through their back catalogue, a truly undetermined exposition of modern classical music, leaning toward the minimal side of the spectrum). Every moment of this pieces exudes restraint, with sustained piano hanging ethereally in the air. The true lustre lies in the subtle interactions of harmony that occurs in the moments between events, and the way in which the chaotically determined frequencies morph and change each other as they hang ominous in space.

To some Feldmans work may seem disjointed and accidentally, but to me it is the true meaning of calm.