Colin Fisher -- The Garden of Unknowing / by Jacob Calland

After a long walk up and down a grubby seafront I returned home and I spent 38 minutes listening to some of the most thoughtful jazz I have heard for a long time. Manifest with vigorous nods to the kings and queens of the 70’s spiritual jazz movement, frenetic drums that one fails to see how they are holding a piece together, yet doing so, so perfectly. Spring reverb steeped bass line, and modal sax that warms the heart (mine anyway, fans of ii, V, iV take care). Identifiably modern in it embrace of warbling synth and free improvisation. Think “The Necks”, meeting the Washington dynasty, with a healthy dose of not worrying whether they sell that many records.

A highlight for me is that meandering track “knowingness”, maybe one of the most restrained pieces from the album, but made so special, to me, by the guitar playing of Colin, almost a jazz standard, but imbrued with a teenage ear full of Washington hardcore.

A majestic release from tombed visions, one that should have sold out a while ago.