Intra​.​Incarn -- Ben Zucker / by Jacob Calland

Dinzu Artefacts are fast becoming one of my favourite labels, each release explicating the essence of the unsubstantial. Particularly acute curation from label owner Joe McKay, releasing mostly long form pieces, he has put out some of the most mediative yet engaging music of the last year.

Ben Zucker’s release says a lot with a few words, the piece is a haunting trumpet solo, sculpted into an 36 minute ambient gem. What interested me initially was the dissonant harmony choices that are being made, but they are then given enough time and space to seemly becomes consonant, and so without much harmonic movement the piece remains engaging through perceptual change. The whole EP forms an illusory wash of sound that seems to make you forget that you have been sat still for going on 40 minutes, I was sat listening at my computer for the entirety of both sides before I realised I was still writing the same email I started when I put it on.